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Customer voices

What alumni and current students say about VIONA®

„I wanted to improve my language skills to find a job in Germany. This course was ideal as it was intensive and I learned a lot about German within three months.“ - Alejandro Galve, Spain

„I had a great time because I was able to learn so much – all from the comfort of my home. The lessons at the IBB through their Virtual Online Academy VIONA are a great opportunity to improve your skills completely independent of your location and interact with fellow students from all over the world.“ - Erika Kiss, Romania

„I wanted to learn German to find a job in Germany. I like the country and also the people. The VIONA language course was a great chance to learn German at home. My experience with VIONA was excellent, the lessons were very interesting and I really enjoyed them.“ - Miguel Gil Cirilo, Spain

„It was a great experience to learn from qualified professionals. The online lessons made it easy to learn German and to still spend time with my family and friends. All students can trust VIONA. It is a good and effective way to learn. You only need to practise.“ - Zsuzsanna Laczko, Romania

 „I wanted to pass the B2 exam (Advanced German certificate) to work in Germany as a qualified nurse. In my opinion VIONA is the best learning software and method because you can learn a foreign language in only six months, from zero to advanced German. I have been learning for six months now and I am very grateful for this opportunity.“  - Zsolt Fodor, Romania

What our partners and participants' employers say about VIONA®

„In 2014, eight top qualified Spanish engineers participated in an IBB language course for technical specialists online from their home town every day. This state-of-the-art teaching method prepares our future employees for their professional life in Germany perfectly. The IBB offered us an individual solution with VIONA® that has met all our demands.“ - Roger Roumans, avanti GmbH, Stuttgart

„Your language school was always with our Spanish interns: The logged into their IBB lessons with laptops – as they were already used to from their home country. You could really see their improvements during their preparatory internships on Sylt. After a while they were able to communicate with guests, too. The internet-based teaching and learning method is straightforward and there is no need to go anywhere. We are pleased that everything went so smoothly.“ - Anja Johannsen, Hotel Benen Diken Hof, Sylt

“We have successfully worked with the IBB since 2013. Long before our applicants arrive in Germany they participate in an IBB online language course which continues throughout their internship. Six of the seven Spanish apprentices who began their internship in various hotels on Sylt will start their apprenticeship in Germany in September. The last participant was offered a permanent position by a company straight after after his internship.“ - Frank Sellingsloh, FU International Academy Tenerife, Santa Cruz

„The IBB prepared our Spanish apprentice very well. During his internship he logged into the Virtual Online Academy VIONA® at fixed times. The language course went smoothly. The language course can be integrated into the work schedule easily, is location-independent and ensures the continuous development of our Spanish apprentice’s language skills. We are looking forward to the intercultural contribution of our staff.“ - Jessica Meyer, Hotel Fährhaus Munkmarsch GmbH

„The IBB trained many of our foreign workers who decided to start a new career in Germany. In 2014, seven elderly care nurses participated in IBB language courses, as part of the program “The Job of my Life”. The participants were prepared extensively for their job, through care-related vocabulary and a language certificate, in accordance to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages. The most outstanding advantage of the Virtual Online Academy VIONA® is the possibility to participate in a language course from different home countries such as Romania, Hungary, and Bosnia-Herzegovina. Thus, the participants were already trained for a typical workday in Germany when they arrived here.“ - AVI Maria Jakobi u. Klara Frenzel GbR, Lörrach