VICTOR® – Our range

Do you know the challenge of bringing together groups with the same topic and / or similar educational goal in a timely manner? Are you looking for educationally meaningful and at the same time economically successful alternatives to your previous training and attendance events? 

Use our knowledge for yourself. Conduct your seminars, workshops and meetings in the virtual seminar room. We will show you how to do this with our experience. After acquainting yourself with VIONA®, now get to know VICTOR® as well!

Discover new ways with VICTOR®!

Cooperation: VICTORWe have been asked many times at IBB if we can support smaller and larger companies using VIONA®, as well as offering its seminars in the virtual classroom, based on our many years of experience. For this reason, we have developed VICTOR®. "He" is the ideal further development of VIONA®, as is proven by the successes of companies with which we already cooperate. You too can benefit quickly and easily from our extensive knowledge with virtual classrooms, the required technology, as well as the methodology and academics.

Discover new ways with VICTOR®!